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Hugo Toffel Antique Stone
Hugo Toffel Antique Stone
Hugo Toffel Antique Stone



Hugo Toffel Antique Stone

£ 43.00

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Item number:03180-00
Product information
Functionality:Warm lined
Material outer :suede
Material inner:Wool
Shoe sole:rubber
Product group:sandals & slippers
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Hugo Toffel Antique Stone

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Shepherd Hugo Toffel Antique Stone

Shepherd Hugo Toffel Antique Stone is a nice slipper made by the Swedish company Shepherd. This brand has many cosy slippers and this specific model is a slip on shoe. This way you can easily put them on when you get out of bed in the morning to avoid walking on any cold, hard floors around the house. They are made of sheep wool which is a soft material, perfect for a pair of nice slippers.

Sheep wool and suede

Shepherd is a brand that is very selective when it comes to material and they will only provide what they think is best for their customers. Shepherd Hugo is made of top quality sheep wool and suede, but Shepherd always make sure to only collaborate with suppliers that are using humane methods with animals. They don’t work with anyone causing unnecessary pain or suffering.

Start off your day with a pair of soft and cosy slippers

Shepherd Hugo will make a difference in your life. Once you have started wearing a pair of slippers like these ones you will never be able to stop. Especially during the winter when you know for a fact that your feet will be cold as ice. Let them warm up in a cozy Shepherd slipper and you will feel so much better. It doesn’t really matter what you wear with them jeans, pajamas or a dress, as long as you are comfortable and warm.

Materials that require minimal care

Sheep wool and suede are two materials that need relatively little care. As these slippers are slip-on’s you don’t need to air them out because this is done anyway every time you don’t wear them. If they get stained you can use a damp cloth and a cleaning product to remove it. Gently rub until it’s gone. Dust and dirt are easy to remove and all you really need is a suede brush.
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