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Moa Chestnut
Moa Chestnut
Moa Chestnut
Moa Chestnut

Shepherd | Moa Chestnut


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Sandals and Slippers
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Moa Chestnut

Shepherd Moa Chestnut

A brand that has to have some of the most popular slippers is Shepherd. This is a Swedish company and they only make shoes and slippers in sheepskin and sheep wool. One of their slipper models is called Moa Chestnut and this will without a doubt warm your feet when they are cold. It’s such a comfortable slipper you will not want to take them off. It’s also a very stylish slipper and not just a pair you replace after a year. These slippers will never go out of style.

Sheep wool slippers won't disappoint you

Sheep wool is the perfect slipper material because it will warm up your feet but it will also make sure your feet don’t get too warm. When putting on a pair of slippers the last thing you want is to end up with sweaty feet, although this is not really something we can control. Shepherd on the other hand can and they decided to use this material when creating Moa. Another great thing about wearing slippers made of sheep wool is that it’s resistant to bacteria which will decrease the chance of smell. Last but not least, it makes the slippers look fluffy and extra cosy.

Warm and cosy slippers to wear at home

Shepherd Moa Chestnut belongs in your home. These soft and comfortable slippers made of sheep wool are going to brighten up your day when you are feeling cold and tired on a winter morning and they will become a necessity. With these slippers you can walk around on clouds and always stay warm and cosy. Wear them in the morning right as you get out of bed or at night time after finally switching into something more comfortable to wear after a long day. A slipper like this one is perfect when you want to relax.

Care instructions

Sheepskin and sheep wool do not need much care and are much easier to look after than a pair of leather or suede boots. All you need to do is to air them out every now and then to keep them fresh. If you happen to spill or somehow get them dirty they aren’t difficult to clean. Use lukewarm water, soap and gently remove the dirt or stains. Leave the slippers somewhere warm to dry for a while and soon they will be ready to keep your feet warm once again.

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