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What is a Vibram sole?

It is a rubber sole with deep tread that gives the shoe better grip and stability.

The Vibram Sole was first engineered by the Italian mountaineer Vitale Bramani back in the 1930's after he lost six of his friends in a tragic mountaineering accident.

Back then, climbing footwear had either a leather sole fitted with hobnails or a felt sole, which wasn't ideal when the ground was wet or frozen.

Today, almost 100 years later, Vibram soles are used on everything from trail running shoes to regular walking shoes and it is reported that over 1000 shoemakers utilize their soles in production.

What are the advantages of Vibram soles?

The main advantage of a Vibram sole is its great traction, ideal during autumn and winter when outside surfaces are wet or frozen. Vibram soles are made of rubber which means that they are waterproof and will keep your feet dry and comfortable, even during rainy and boggy conditions. An added bonus is that Vibram soles are known for being especially long-lasting against wear and tear. They are also machine washable (but do check your shoes for washing instructions as the upper material might not be!).

Vibram Arctic Grip

This is a state-of-the-art technology that represents the most advanced cold-weather gripping system Vibram has ever created. It is entirely made of rubber materials and therefore there is no need for any metal components. The Vibram Arctic Grip system is specifically engineered and designed to perform on wet ice. It is best recognized by the blue ice patterns on the soles of the shoes.

Retractable studs

A fantastic solution to slippery surfaces! These are spikes attached to the soles of the shoes that can be folded out or kept retracted depending on the weather conditions and surfaces. Keep the spikes folded out on cold, wet, snowy, or icy days and retract them on dry days when the ground is not slippery. Perfect when you want to adapt your shoes to the surface while keeping safe!

Studded & warmlined

Winter can be cold and harsh but also incredibly beautiful. Make sure you have comfortable and safe shoes so that you can enjoy walks among frost-covered trees, carry out your daily tasks and enjoy window shopping without the risk for falls and slips.

Loose anti-slip protection

These removable grips from Springyard are perfekt if you want to use your regular shoes but still feel safe while walking during icey conditions. All studs and anti-slip protection from Springyard are made of natural rubber and are CE-Marked. This means that they have undergone safety tests at the FIOH test institute in Finland.

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