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The ultimate kids shoe guide for spring

Practical, smart, comfortable, stylish, cute and sturdy Kids shoes from great designer brands for all weather; spring, summer, autumn and winter. Here you’ll find assortments of top selling and trending shoes, sneakers, boots and sandals for Kids in all colours.

The Best Spring shoes for Kids:

Because their little feet grow so fast, it can be difficult to know the right time to get your child a new pair of shoes. Up until the age of three, a toddler’s feet will grow roughly half a size every three months; from three to six years old this increases to every six months.

While most parents gripe about how quickly their kids grow out of their shoes, it isn’t always a good idea to buy shoes few sizes too large. Oversized shoes make it easy for kids to trip and develop foot problems

Poorly-fitted shoes can actually hinder a child’s normal growth and comfort. Pediatric orthopedist Lynn Staheli, M.D. says stiff and tight footwear may cause deformity, weakness, and loss of mobility.

She suggests children go barefoot as much as possible for healthy foot development. Here’s a crazy fact: 70% of our brain’s information on how to walk, run and jump comes from the nerves on the soles of our feet. So you want to nurture that learning as much as possible!

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The Best Spring Boots for Kids:

It goes without saying: comfort is key. Kids are a bundle of energy and, whether they’re at school, home or the local playground, they will be active. And their shoes will be left by the wayside if they aren’t comfy enough.

If you really want to cater to growth, your kid’s shoes ought to have some form of lace, Velcro or other fastening system so that can expand as the feet grow, while making sure the fit is good.

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The Best Spring Sneakers and Sports Shoes for Kids:

For active kids, the function of the shoes are even more important, since there will be a lot of heavy usage, which means more wear-and-tear. Active kids and toddlers need shoes that can withstand running along the pavement, pounding the playground and peddling the bike. There are several things to keep in mind when choosing shoes for an active toddler.

  • Soles: flexibility, durability, traction and grip of the sole is very important for kids who are out and about.
  • Breathability: a light and breathable material is the key to minimising bad kids feet smells and improving temperature regulation. 
  • Comfort: comfort is key, adjustable fastenings and quality materials all contribute to an all-around comfortable shoe. 
  • Protection and support: shoes with extra support are an added bonus, this could be a reinforced toe cap or durable outer.

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The Best Spring Sandals for Kids:

Sandals are near-indispensable footwear during spring and summer, but it can be difficult finding a pair that best takes into account your child's individual needs. Sandals come in many different designs which differ a lot in terms of how much support they provide to your child's feet.

It is important, especially for toddlers, that sandals have a solid heel cap and non-slip natural rubber soles so that the sandal fits well and the child is guaranteed firm footing on all types of surfaces

Because children up to 2 years need more support and stability, we recommend a closed toe sandal. A closed toe cap provides more protection to the toes than an open toe cap. If the sandal sits tightly on the ankle and instep, both open and closed heels can provide the proper support. Open sandals are ideal instead for older children, as they provide easier movement and the toes get more air

  • Babies and toddlers (0 to 2 years): it is important not to buy sandals that are too big, as this can inhibit their motor development. You should therefore leave no more than 1 cm of room for growth.
  • Closed sandals: we recommend 1 to 1.5 cm of room for growth.
  • Open sandals: we recommend 1 cm of room for growth.

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