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Everything you need to know to keep your Sneaker look on top! Whether you're in need of a new classic or original style for your collection of sneakers, we're sure you'll find something in your taste from our wide selection.

Here, we've put together the very best selections of hot and trending Sneakers for Women, Men and Kids along with any information you might need to keep them looking new, all year round!

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How to take care of your sneakers.

Depending on which material your sneakers are made of, you will need different approaches and products to keep them clean. Here are the various materials you'll commonly find Sneakers being made of, and how to take care of them.

Leather Sneakers: Leather och hide used in shoes are first tanned to become wear-resistant and moldable to your form. It is by choosing which tanning process to use that the wanted attributes and look of the leather can be achieved. Use a soft brush along with a wet towel and a cloth to remove the dirt from the leather sneaker. To keep them staying clean, remember to use to water-resistant spray on it.

Nubuck Leather Sneakers: Nubuck is a material made from leather which goes through a special filing technique. This leads the leather to be somewhat more vulnerable, and therefore requires a little more care to stay resilient. The most important thing to think about here, is to brush them often, and use a moisture and dirt repellent spray to keep them looking fresh all year round.

Fabric, or Canvas: Shoes produced from fabrics are most commonly made in a canvas, which is a thick-threaded weave, most often made of cotton, lingarín or yute. Canvas breathes well but can easily absorb moisture and are therefore not very resistant to dirt. Historically, canvas has been used for sails and arming of rubberwheels amongst other things which truly showcases quite it’s general durability. Some canvas sneakers can be machine washed, but for those that don't come with machine washable instructions. Use a dirt removal cream or spray followed by a layer of water and dirt repelling spray and they'll keep on looking as good as new.

Shoelaces: The easiest way to clean your shoelaces to match the clean new look of your shoes is to remove them, and soaking them in water whilst applying a grease and or dirt removal cream and scrub gently. Rinse them a few time after and they should be good as new.

Shoe Care Products and other accesorries

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